Greensboro/Guilford Food Map

Let’s build a map of food resources in Greensboro and Guilford County. Click on the map below to search the different food resources we know about now. Then, tell us what we’re missing. We know our list is only a start, so we invite you to join us in mapping out food across Greensboro.


What are we missing?? Please send us any food resources that you know about, as well as any general categories we should map. We’re currently working on restaurants, shared kitchens & other cooking resources, and places where you can volunteer. What else should we make sure is on the map?

Where did this map come from? The short answer is a lot of people – because community and partnerships are an important part of what we do. The Greensboro Community Food Task Force and the Guilford Food Council teamed up to pull together all of the data that was already out there – like food pantries, places to get a free meal, and convenience stores. Then, we collected some more information about backpack programs, summer meal sites, and farmers markets.

A lot of the map came together thanks to David Motuz, a UNCG intern with the City of Greensboro’s Parks & Recreation Department. David brought together the master list of resources for us to map in the first place. Another big piece came from Dunamis Bacchus (a computer science major from NCA&T State University), Matt Kerr (an accounting and entrepreneurship major from UNCG), and Jonathan Seelig (a designer and food advocate from Winston-Salem). Also known as team “All Bellies Full,” these three put together the actual map & will help us to keep improving it as we learn more from our communities.

We also have to thank the Guilford County Department of Health & Human Services, the Guilford County Cooperative Extension, and Amy Murphy’s Little Blue and Green Books for giving us a good start with the data. Much of this map also came together through the 2015 and 2016 Local Foodstorm events, hosted at UNCG and HQ Greensboro. Many community members, city and county officials, faculty, and students have already contributed to this map, and we look forward to hearing from you, too…


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